Celtra mobile game interacted by Uniki

Celtra mobile game interacted by Uniki

Uniki took a fresh new mobile and tablet game developed by Celtra, showcasing their ad-builder capabilities, and made it gesture interactive on a large 50″ display for the purpose of spicing up Mindshare’s Huddle event at Central St. Giles, London.

The goal of the game is to keep the game hero flying with his boo between the obstacles in a futuristic low-poly surroundings. Doing this by tapping is one thing, but in Uniki version players had to flap their hands constantly and consistently to keep the hero and his boo going. Keeping up with the rhythm was crucial and this led to a fun and engaging experience for players and those watching alike, with moments of glory intertwined with moments of frustration when an obstacle was hit.

As everyone on all devices was chasing top high score positions which were awarded during evening party we were very satisfied that the gesture players were very close on wall of fame to those who played the game tapping on tablets or phones.

Here’s the video from the event: Celtra mobile game interacted by Uniki


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